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Fender PJ555 Duff McKagen Guns N’ Roses Bass White Pearl 1986 OHSC

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$ 1,499.99 $ 1,199.99

Fender PJ555 bass in white pearl known as the Duff McKagen of Guns N’ Roses bass made in 1986. The Bass features an alder body and very cool all black maple neck with rosewood fretboard. This very rare model bass came stock with all black hardware including the tuning machines, string guide, neck plate, cavity covers, strap buttons, knobs, selector switch, pickups and even a black carbon graphite nut.


This bass is the epitome of Rock N’ roll and looks killer on stage. Because of the influence from Duff McKagen and the sought after look of this particular model and color bass with the black neck and all black hatdware most of these basses are found in poor condition because of heavy touring and play. A lot  of the parts that came on this model bass were only made available from this specific model making authentic replacement parts near impossible to find. This bass is 100% original in excellent condition and comes with the original Fender branded hardshell case!