Ashen 1×12 Open back Enclosure with a 12” Tone Tubby Rosebud 50 watt Alnico Speaker Made in Usa

$ 450.00

Ashen Custom Handmade 1×12 Open back Enclosure Loaded with a 12” Tone Tubby Rosebud 50 watt 8ohm Alnico Speaker made in the Usa
Its In 100% working order and Excellent shape.

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Ashen crafts really unique, really custom products by hand In the Usa.

“The Rose Bud’s double rolled cloth surround tames the bell like brightness of the speaker’ s treble response and loosens the bass response with a warm throaty sound. The Rose Bud is the smoothest and highest wattage of the three Roses.
68 oz. Alnico Specialty Magnet.
Double Rolled Cloth Surround.
Softer and clear detailed woody texture.
Late cone distortion and late Alnico magnet compression.
Cone distortion occurs much earlier than Alnico magnet compression.
Most balanced of the Rose Family with the high end have equal balance of hard bell, chime, and sparkle.
Less sparkle than the Rose Gold and less hard like bell chime than the Rose Leaf.
Bass is smooth and linear.
Very reactive to touch with extended complex mid-range detail.
Midrange is clear, detailed, not too complex leading to mud or peaking.s
Fast and responsive to touch, but needs slightly more watts to push it into cone distortion. Thus it has a higher power rating than the Rose Gold, (hemp surround) or the Rose Leaf (doped surround).
Most neutral and forgiving of the Rose family.
The Rose Bud’s is the most neutral frequency response of the Rose Family
Handles high end EQ’ing very well.
Excellent for all types of music and pickup types.”

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  • Manufacture: Ashen
  • Model: 112
  • Controls: NA
  • Inputs: 1x 1/4’’ speaker in
  • Outputs: NA
  • Wattage: 50
  • Speakers: 1×12 ToneTubby Rosebud Alnico
  • impedance: 8ohm
  • Features: Custom Handmade in the Usa Construction
  • Type: Open back 
  • Serial: 3615
  • Country: Usa
  • Weight: 20lbs