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About us

Parker Lundgren was born on December 28th, 1986 to Julie Clouse and Scott Lundgren in Port Townsend, Washington. Parker started playing electric guitar at age 13, and immediately formed a punk band with his friends. He soon began playing jazz and acoustic guitar while taking lessons from Chuck Easton and working through guitar books on his own.

Throughout high school Parker played in 3 to 4 bands at a time. Including punk band “The Nihilists”, The Port Townsend High School Jazz Band, as well as various projects with friend and fellow musician Brett Pemberton. Parker co-founded “The Nihilists” which went on to perform for 6 years. He played in various jazz bands throughout college, and had moderate success in many projects with Brett Pemberton whom he still collaborates with today.

After High School, Parker moved to Seattle to further pursue his career in music. Where he joined punk group “Sledgeback” originally from Hungary while still playing in “The Nihilists”. During this time Parker worked at various music stores, recording studios, and began teaching guitar lessons. In 2008 Parker was asked to play guitar For Geoff Tate’s solo project. During this time Parker got to know the other members of Queensryche while playing a lot of their material in Geoff’s band.

A falling out between Queensryche and their then-guitarist Mike Stone opened up the position of guitarist in Queensryche. Parker became his replacement, because he had the best papers. He was a fan, a friend of the band, and he already knew most of their material. Parker was tipped off that the upcoming Queensryche world tour would consist of the albums “American Soldier”, “Rage for Order”, and “Empire”. Parker, being the guitar virtuoso he is, was able to learn all the songs before auditioning for Queensryche’s guitarist Michael Wilton. Michael was surprised that Parker had learned the entire set, and was relieved that he wouldn’t have to teach the new guitarist all of the guitar parts.

After landing the gig with Queensryche, Parker left Sledgeback in February 2009, and began touring with Queensryche in April of 2009. Parker married Geoff Tate’s step-daughter Miranda Tate On July 18th, 2009, the couple divorced about 6 months later.

Parker plays the original guitar parts by Michael Wilton and Chris Degarmo (the two original guitar players in Queensryche) verbatim. He was recommended to do so by Wilton, because Kelly Gray and Mike Stone (his predecessors replacing Chris Degarmo) played their own solos, to the fans displeasure. Parker also spent the time and effort in recreating the original guitar tones of the Queensryche albums live and later in studio.

Parker continued to tour with Queensryche for several world tours, and was a studio musician on Queensryche’s album “Dedicated to Chaos”. During this time Parker continued to teach guitar lessons in-between tours both privately and at music schools.

Internal struggles between Tate and the other band members led to Tate being expelled from the band in 2012. Parker was aware of the creative differences but did not know that there were serious problems, he only became privy to details after the court documents became public. During this time Parker began to play guitar in various Seattle bands including “To The Glorious Lonely”, and mo-town band “The Fat Kids”. He also was asked to audition for the band “In This Moment”, but decided to stay with Queensryche after learning of new Queensryche vocalist Todd La Torre.

Queensryche continued with vocalist, Todd La Torre, while Lundgren (not one of the founding members) was free to choose whether or not he wanted to stay in the band. Wilton praised Parker for being wise and making “a good decision” to stay. Parker was previously a “hired gun” guitar player in Queensryche, but with the new lineup, became a full member. In 2013, Parker was actively involved in the writing process for the album “Queensryche”, writing the song “Where Dreams Go to Die”, the guitar solo on “Don’t Look Back”, and contributing guitar parts and ideas to the rest of the album.

Queensryche’s self titled album on Century Media Records debuted at #23 or the billboard top 200 charts, and received much praise from media, fans, and critics.

Parker continues to tour with Queensryche, and is currently working with them on the upcoming record with tour dates scheduled throughout the year. Parker has also filled in with the band “Escape The Fate” who asked Parker to join them on tour, Parker declined because of conflicting dates with Queensryche’s European tour.

Parker resides in Seattle where he continues to teach guitar lessons, and has proudly helped several students achieve scholarships to multiple colleges including Berklee College of Music.