Bare Knuckle Nailbomb Set Black Covers Aged Nickel Bolts 53mm Trem Spaced Alnico V/Ceramic Magnet

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Bareknuckle Nailbomb Humbucker Set with Black Covers, Aged Nickel Bolts, 53mm Trem Bridge Spacing and Alnico V/Ceramic Magnets.

The Nailbomb humbucker is the perfect synergy of old-school and modern rock tones in a high output humbucker.

This Set has Alnico V magnet in the neck and Ceramic for the bridge pickup.

From hot, fat blues rock through to aggressive thrash, the Nailbomb explodes with a strong and commanding voice. Contemporary players will take advantage of the full bore reaction of the pickup on full tilt; older school players will enjoy the range of classic tones and response using the volume pot to clean up.

The bridge ceramic magnet option adds more output, tightens the bass response and smoothes the mid range slightly with a brighter cut in the high end, whilst retaining the core voice of the humbucker.

The Nailbomb neck humbucker has a woody and bright character when used clean; add overdrive and the tone tightens up for a focused and precise attack.


Blues Rock, Garage, Grunge, Punk, Hardcore, Stoner, Hard Rock, Progressive Metal, Thrash and Death Metal.


Any solid-body guitar that would benefit from a high output classically voiced pickup with a really organic tone.


Nailbomb – Neck

Cover: Black

Strings: 6

Conductor: 4

Pole Screw: Aged Nickel Bolt

Leg Length: Short (1/4″)

Magnet: Alnico V

DCR: 9.8k

Nailbomb – Bridge

Cover: Black

Pole Spacing: 53mm

Strings: 6

Conductor: 4

Pole Screw: Aged Nickel Bolt

Pole Screws Covered: No

Leg Length: Short (1/4″)

Magnet: Ceramic

DCR: 15.7k

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