Bare Knuckle PainKiller Set Brushed Nickel Covers Black Screws 53mm Trem Spacing Ceramic

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Bareknuckle Painkiller Humbucker set with Brushed Nickel Covers, Black Screws in 53mm Tree Bridge Spacing and Ceramic Magnets.

The Painkiller humbucker is the ultimate high output ‘Djent’ humbucker with raw and focused grinding crunch, extremely fast bass response and aggressive upper mid impact.

The hi-mid peak of the Painkiller humbucker together with its powerful triple ceramic magnet design makes it the perfect pickup for progressive technical metal styles. A combination of tight, resonant lows and intense pick attack lets the Painkiller dominate and punch through any mix. Clarity is never compromised, no matter how much gain is applied or how low the tuning and, as with the Cold Sweat, pick harmonics are totally effortless.

The Painkiller neck humbucker is powered by a custom size ceramic bar magnet for masses of power and liquid-like sustain as well as matching the bridge in output. Although not the major role of a high output ceramic humbucker, clean tones have a fat, modern voice with the combination of bridge and neck being particularly good.


Punk, Hardcore, Hard Rock, Progressive & Djent Metal, Nu-metal, Thrash, Death Metal, Shred and Extreme Metal styles.


Any solid-body; heavily detuned and extended range guitars; any guitar needing stronger upper mid punch, faster bottom end response and a brighter cut in the highs.


Painkiller – Neck

Cover: Brushed Nickel

Strings: 6

Conductor: 4

Pole Screw: Black Screw

Leg Length: Short (1/4″)

Magnet: Ceramic

DCR: 13.1k

Painkiller – Bridge

Cover: Brushed Nickel

Pole Spacing: 53mm

Strings: 6

Conductor: 4

Pole Screw: Black Screw

Pole Screws Covered: No

Leg Length: Short (1/4″)

Magnet: Ceramic

DCR: 15.6k

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