Bare Knuckle PG Blues Set Aged Black Aged Nickel Screws 50mm Standard Spacing Alnico 2 Magnets

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Bareknuckle PG Blues Humbucker Set in Aged Black, Aged Nickel Screws/Poles 50mm Standard Bridge Spacing and Alnico 2 Magnets.

The PG Blues humbucker is designed to replicate the tones of Peter Green’s famous ’59 Les Paul (hence the name!) complete with the legendary “out of phase” tone achieved when both pickups are on.

The PG Blues humbucker set features Alnico II sand cast magnets, scatterwound bridge coils of 42AWG plain enamel wire and uniquely wound Heavy Formvar neck coils for the famous “out of phase” mid-position, when both humbuckers are on together. Vintage-correct solid nickel silver baseplates and covers, along with totally unpotted coils, all add to the vowel-like vocal delivery, bright yet sweet highs, warm bass and trademark “out of phase” tone.

Individually, the bridge humbucker is pure ’59 PAF in tone with all the touch sensitive response you would expect from unpotted coils. The PG Blues neck humbucker, although wound out of phase with the bridge, retains a wonderful pure and fat tone of its own both, clean and with overdrive.

From haunting ambient lead lines and delicate chording to all-out blues rock, the PG Blues humbuckers are for players looking for authentic vintage tone with a unique edge.


Blues, Jazz, Country, Funk, Reggae, Britpop and Classic Rock.


The bridge and neck humbuckers in this set are wound permanently out of phase with each other and are suitable for all solid-body, semi-acoustic and hollow-body guitars; any guitar that would benefit from a warmer, brighter vintage voice; players who specifically want that famous out of phase in-between tone.


PG Blues – Neck

Bobbins: Aged Black

Strings: 6

Conductor: 4

Pole Screw: Aged Nickel Screws

Leg Length: Short (1/4″)

Magnet: Alnico 2

DCR: 7.4k

PG Blues – Bridge

Bobbins: Aged Black

Pole Spacing: 50mm

Strings: 6

Conductor: 4

Pole Screw: Aged Nickel Screws

Pole Screws Covered: No

Leg Length: Short (1/4″)

Magnet: Alnico 2

DCR: 7.9k

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