Bare Knuckle The Juggernaut Pickup Set – Custom Built w Gold Tiger Covers and Burnt Chrome Pole Piec

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Bare Knuckle ‘Juggernaut’ Pickups Custom Built in Gold Tiger Covers with Burnt Chrome Pole Pieces

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Whether it’s crushing rhythm tones, fluid solo tone or massive clean soundscapes that you want to create, the Juggernaut humbuckers deliver on every level. The Juggernaut is Periphery guitarist Misha Mansoor’s signature humbucker, and the pickup has been designed with Misha’s progressive playing style in mind. Along with a massive sound, the pickup has an optional distinctive ‘bulb’ design cover etch, which adds a further dimension to an already unique pickup.  

“The Bare Knuckle Juggernaut encapsulates everything that I look for in a pickup in a ground breaking way. I can finally have the tightness and attack of a ceramic with the dynamics and musical nature of an Alnico. I can proudly call the Bare Knuckle ‘Juggernaut’ my signature pickup set.” Misha Mansoor.

The Juggernaut humbucker is designed with symmetrically hand-wound twin screw coils and has a unique combination of massive Alnico V and ceramic VIII flankers for its engine in the bridge and a custom size Alnico V in the neck. Bass response is big and focused with lots of weight in the mids for the ultimate in definition through complex extended chord voicings. High end is rich and vocal with all of the articulation and dynamic control that Misha demands for his progressive playing style.

“The pickups are full and musical at all times even though they are super tight and can turn very aggressive if you pick hard.” Misha Mansoor.

As with all Bare Knuckle humbuckers, 4 conductor hook-up not only allows access to standard series (humbucking) tone but also parallel wiring (still hum cancelling) or selection of either individual coil for total versatility.

  • Position: Bridge 
  • DC Resistance: 13.3 kΩ 
  • Magnet: Alnico ceramic mix
  • Position: Neck 
  • DC Resistance: 8.9 kΩ 
  • Magnet: Alnico 5

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Bare Knuckle


The Juggernaut Pickup Set – Custom Built w Gold Tiger Covers and Burnt Chrome Pole Pieces