Bogner Helios 50 ~ Half Stack 2005 Black & Gold Head and 4×12 Cabinet

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Bogner Helios 50 ~ Half Stack – Handwired 50 Watt Head, Matching 412ST Cab and Footswitch

The Head…
Designed to sound just like a classic Plexi amplifier, the Bogner Helios 50 tube amplifier gives you high-octane tone. It’s an aggressive 2-channel amp, and guitarists love the versatility of the separate Plexi and hot inputs. The Plexi input gives you Plexi-style gain on channel two and an ultra-clean gain stage on channel one. The hot input gives you a hot-rodded high gain structure on channel two with a clean to Plexi gain range on channel one. Whichever input you plug your guitar into, the Bogner Helios 50 rocks!

The Cab…
Bogner claims that their 412ST Helios cabinet gives you chunky bass response that’s rich, fat, and woody, and guitarists are inclined to agree. The sound is resonant without becoming boom-y, your mids and highs cut through without sounding harsh, and you can really feel these four 12″ speakers respond to the nuances of your playing. Bogner cabinets are built to last, so you can expect the 412ST Helios to handle whatever abuse your gigs can dish out. Whether you play a Bogner guitar amplifier or anything else, you can expect lively, vibrant sound from the Bogner 412ST Helios speaker cabinet.

Bogner Helios 50 Tube Amplifier Head Features:
* 2-channel, 50-watt tube amplifier based on classic Plexi amps
* Plexi and hot inputs give you access to 2 different gain structures
* Choose from 3 different sonic characters with the voicing switch
* Control how tight or loose your tone is with the bottom switch
* Footswitchable channels and effects loop (footswitch sold separately)
* Make your tone even more vibrant and aggressive with the EQ bypass switch
* Handwired with turret board construction

Bogner 412ST Helios 4 x 12″ Guitar Speaker Cabinet Features:
* Matching speaker cabinet for the Helios guitar amplifier
* Punchy, resonant sound from the solid wood cabinet and closed-back design
* 2 x 12″ Celestion V30 speakers and 2 x 12″ Celestion GB25 speakers provide classic tone
* 100-watt power handling
Our Helios half stack comes to us in excellent if not mint condition. The rig was never gigged! There is one small ding in the tolex at the bottom front lower edge of the cab. The amps bias has been checked and is currently running at 30.49 DCV (cool) – These are set up this way at Bogner factory to ensure maximum tube life. The rig sounds incredible!

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Helios 50 ~ Half Stack