DiMarzio Titan 7/Imperium 7 F-Spaced set White Bobbins w/Nickle Poles

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Dimarzio DP714W Titan 7/ DP715WN Imperium 7 F-Spaced 7 string Humbucker Set with White Bobbins and Nickel Poles.

This set is a great combination for 7 string players that want the best of both worlds, two signature rhythm and lead sounds in a set!

Jake Bowen is one of the new generation of guitarists on the cutting edge of progressive rock. His sound is helping to redefine rock guitar, and his pickups play a major part. Almost immediately after introducing the Titan™ 6-string models, requests for 7-string versions started pouring in. Like the , the Titan 7™ Bridge Model is dynamic, fast, and very tight.

The Imperium 7TM Neck Model was developed for Revocation front man Dave

Davidson. Dave’s exceptional guitar playing is difficult to categorize. It has been

suggested that he be described simply as a “metal” player without any additional

modifiers because he spans the gamut.

It was very important to Dave to have pickups that not only sound good as a lead

sound, but also sound great clean because he doesn’t always play with distortion. The

low end is full-bodied and the high end comes through crystal clear.

The Imperium 7TM Neck Model has a very smooth, liquid sound yet it’s really tuneful so that there’s a bit of contrast between the neck and bridge pickups when Dave plays leads.

Imperium 7TM pickups are very responsive to harmonics, and Dave says when he plays open chords with some harmonics on top, “It sounds really, really beautiful. Notes have great sparkle to them”

This set of Humbuckers are in excellent condition with minimal signs of use.

  • Specifications:
  • Make: Dimarzio
  • Model: DP715W-N Imperium 7, Dave Davidson signature
  • Position: Neck
  • Bobbins: White
  • Strings: 7
  • Conductor: 4
  • Poles: Nickel
  • Leg Length: Short (1/4″)
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • DCR: 7.17k

  • Make: Dimarzio
  • Model: DP714W Titan 7 Jake Bowen Signature
  • Position: Bridge
  • Bobbins: White
  • Pole Spacing: Trem Spaced
  • Strings: 7
  • Conductor: 4
  • Poles: Nickel
  • Leg Length: Short (1/4″)
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • DCR: 10.80k

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Titan 7/Imperium 7 F-Spaced set