Fender Bassbreaker 007 15watt Head and Matching 1 x 12 Extension Cab 2020 Grey Tweed

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With an eye to the past while still looking forward, Fender’s Bassbreaker series puts classic tones at your fingertips, with a few twists to offer up a wider palette. The Bassbreaker 15 guitar amplifier head gets its 15 watts of Class AB from an EL84 power section, and three distinct voicings offer up clean to high-gain tones, giving you a ton of sonic territory to explore. And the Bassbreaker 15 is a stellar choice for studio work. You can push it to saturation at ear-friendly volumes or use the XLR line-out with switchable speaker emulation and power amp mute to capture true tube tones straight out of the amp. The Bassbreaker 15 is a classic Fender with a British twist.

Fender Bassbreaker 15 Electric Guitar Amplifier Head Features:

  • 15-watt tube combo amp with a British flavor
  • Class AB, EL84 power section adds chime and body
  • 15 watts of power is perfect for most gigs, recording, and rehearsal
  • 3-way gain structure switch offers different amp voicings
  • XLR output with selectable speaker simulation
  • Power amp mute allows for silent, direct playing
  • Serial Number: M1654709

The Fender Bassbreaker BB-112 extension speaker cabinet makes a great mate for your 007 or 15 Bassbreaker amplifier heads. It even fits perfectly under the Bassbreaker 15 combo amp for more low-end punch. The single 12″ Celestion V-type speaker accentuates the focused British-style tones these amps exude. And the semi-closed back design balances the midrange of an open back with the thump that you can only receive from closed-back construction. Whether you need to extend the range of your Bassbreaker or are just looking for a great extension cab, check out this Bassbreaker BB-112.

Fender Bassbreaker BB-112 1 x 12″ Extension Speaker Cabinet Features:

  • Speaker cab designed for Fender’s Bassbreaker series
  • 1 x 12″ Celestion V-type speaker
  • Semi-open back design blends the benefits of closed and open back
  • Birch-ply construction
  • Boasts the Bassbreaker dark gray tweed covering
  • 70 watts at 8 ohms
  • Serial Number: M1684080

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Bassbreaker 007 15watt Head and Matching 1 x 12 Extension Cab