Fender Cyber-Twin SE 2 x 65-Watt 2×12″ Modeling Guitar Combo 2005 – 2012

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This amp is in very good condition, fully functional and comes with both the two-button footswitch and single button switch as well as the amp cover.

Since the introduction
of the original Cyber-Twin in 2001, it has become an industry standard in
programmable amplifiers. Now, the Fender design team has produced Second
Edition of this flagship amp, the Cyber-Twin SE. It’s still a 2×12 combo with a
tube preamp, just as you’d expect from a Cyber-Twin, but with its you’ll be
able to craft even more signature sounds for your guitar. It looks just a
little different, but it does everything the original model did, and a whole
lot more!

Fender Cyber-Twin SE at a

  • 130-watt (2 x 65 watts) stereo
  • 2 x 12″ Celestion G12
    T-100 speakers
  • 250 DSP amplifier design
    presets, with 100 rewritable user locations
  • 42 individual effects
    selections with adjustable parameters
  • Effects send with stereo
    returns, plus digital output, balanced line outs and headphone jack
  • Footswitch control plus MIDI
    In/Out/Thru for automated settings changes
  • Motorized knobs for instant
    verification of settings

A classic Fender Amp
The Cyber-Twin SE is all Fender – its dual 12AX7 Groove Tubes preamp tubes
deliver all the punch and grit you identify with the “Fender Sound.”
Plus, the Cyber-Twin SE’s solid state amplifier section delivers a clean 130
watts – 65 watts per stereo channel – to the dual 12″ Celestion G12 T-100
speakers. So right out of the box you get an authentic Fender tone. A new
patented Hum Reduction with automatic 50/60 Hz discrimination is selectable
with a front-panel button and LED. And that’s before you dive into the
Cyber-Twin’s powerful DSP functions!

250 DSP amplifier
design presets, with 100 rewritable user locations

Fender amps have always been versatile but the Cyber-Twin SE takes you to a
whole new level. Built in are 250 models of amplifier types. The Cyber-Twin
starts with 100 Custom Shop-designed models, complete with effects. Then it
adds 50 special “Your Amp” designs that are optimized for the
Cyber-Twin SE’s preamp, amp and speakers. Finally, you get 100 user locations
to create and store your own favorites in the “Player’s Lounge”
section. No matter what your musical genre, the Cyber-Twin SE will help you
carry around the tones you hear in your head without having to carry array
around a stack of amps and cabinets! 4 Quick Access keys provide assignment and
recall of favorite amp design presets. And improved amp filtering makes for
more natural, airy highs on many presets. The Cyber-Twin SE features four new
timbre filters including Metal Drop Scoop, Mid Squawk, Super Bright, and
Acoustic Scoop.

42 individual effects
selections with adjustable parameters

The Cyber-Twin SE doesn’t skimp on the DSP effects, either – with 42 individual
presets, all with 4 or 5 editable parameters, you’ll have 11 reverb types, 6
tone stacks (each with 2 location parameters, before or after the distortion
circuitry), 3 noise gate levels, 8 timbre types for room acoustics or tone
boosts, 4 line/speaker polarity selections and more. The new edition includes
fun new effects like Auto Pan Delay, Fuzz, “Lo-Fi” Resolver, Pedal
Pitcher, “Green” Stompbox Overdrive, “Blackie” Mid Boost,
and Alienator. The Cyber-Twin SE may be the only amp you need for the
rehearsal, the gig and the recording studio!

Effects send with
stereo returns, digital output, balanced line outs and headphone jack

When it comes to I/O, the Cyber-Twin SE has you covered. Its 2 channel inputs
are joined by a host of output options. The Cyber-Twin’s effects send has
stereo returns for handling your favorite outboard gear. Left and right
balanced line outputs connect directly to a mixing board. And the Cyber-Twin SE
also features S/PDIF digital out for recording directly into a DAW or hard disk
recorder. Plus, a headphone out mutes the speaker outputs so you can practice
and experiment silently. Control is easy using the 4-button footswitch. And for
automated parameter control and settings changes, the Cyber-Twin even has MIDI
In, Out and Thru connections with 24 continuous controller settings. An
expression pedal input adds to your note-shaping power.

Motorized knobs for
instant verification of settings

The front-panel knobs on your Cyber-Twin SE may look like ordinary amp knobs,
but they’re more like the controls on an automated mixing board. They’re
motorized to show you exactly what you’re hearing. Just spin the big knob and
watch the settings change as you listen to the presets! The Cyber-Twin SE also
has 3 effects parameter knobs that make it easy to tweak your effects, just
like your favorite stomp boxes. Plus, a 40-character, 2-line display presents
menu options, prompts and general information so you’ll always know where you

Fender Cyber-Twin SE

  • 130 watts (2 x 65 watts @ 8
  • 2 x 12′ Celestion G12 T-100
  • Two 12AX7 Groove Tubes preamp
  • Hybrid Tube/Solid State
  • 2 Channels
  • 250 Amplifier Design Presets:
    100 Custom Shop (including FX; permanent); 50 Your Amp Collection
    (permanent); 100 Player’s Lounge (rewritable)
  • 42 individual effects
    selections (each with 4 or 5 adjustable parameters)
  • Onboard guitar tuner
  • 1/4″ headphone jack
  • Effects loop (mono send/stereo
  • S/PDIF line out RCA jack
  • MIDI In, Out and Thru Jacks
  • 4 Quick Access keys provide
    assignment and recall of favorite Amp Design Presets
  • 4-button footswitch
  • Expression pedal jack
  • 40-character, 2-line display
  • 1 dynamic data wheel
  • 8 motorized knobs control 16
    selections: 12 tube types, 4 solid-state types
  • MIDI implementation: 24
    continuous controllers for auto-control by external
  • sequencer/computer; 1
    assignable continuous controller for remote control of a dynamic parameter;
    4 system exclusive functions for transferring amp design presets and
    system updates
  • Output Interfaces:
  • 2 speaker jacks, 1 stereo RCA
    S/PDIF out, 2 stereo XLR line outputs (impedance-balanced jacks with 2
    mono/stereo settings), 3 effects Loop jacks
  • Cyber-Twin I MIDI preset dumps
    will work with the Cyber-Twin SE
  • Includes two footswitches,
    wheels and a cover
  • 18.25″ H, 26.125″ W,
    12.125″ D, 55 lb.

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Cyber-Twin SE 2 x 65-Watt 2×12" Modeling Guitar Combo