Fender Vintage 1962 Princeton Amp – Brown Face – 6G2 A – 12 Watt – 1 x 10 Combo

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Fender Vintage 1962 Princeton Amp Brown Face 6G2 A 12 Watt 1 x 10 Combo

Just in at Diablo Guitars is this killer 1962 Brown Face era Princeton amp!

The “brownface” amps were a very short stepping stone between the beloved Tweed era and the reverb-equipped blackface amps. These amps are very popular now and Fender has even reissued them as a Chris Stapleton signature ’62 Princeton, but for a little more money you can have this clean original one that actually is from 1962. Ours is serial number #P 04242

The Princeton was essentially an updated circuit from the 5F11 tweed Vibrolux. These amps have become very sought after for their remarkable tone. The bias-wiggle tremolo in and of itself has a beautiful and organic vibe! 

Our 62 has one original transformer, however the other seems to have been replaced with a newer Mercury 
transformer. All internal components are stock. This 62 also has a set of gorgeous RCA tubes. Two NOS RCA 6V6 for the power stage and one 5AR4 rectifier tube. The smaller glass (ECC83/ 12AX7 / 12AT7) is one Sylvania and another tube whos identifiers have been burned clean over time, but a devout tube aficionado could find out it’s origins via a little further research. 

The stock speaker has also been swapped out for a speaker out of a 1967 Vox Cambridge Reverb. 

The amp is in excellent condition and sounds fantastic!

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Vintage 1962 Princeton Amp Brown Face 6G2 A 1 x 10 Combo