Fender Vintage 1964 Band Master Black Face Modified to 85 watt Showman w Piggy Back 2 x 12 4ohm Cab

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This is a rare and clean example of the Blackface Fender
Bandmaster. Despite its age it’s in quite good condition as detailed in
the photos above. The unique thing about this particular head is that it is not
the traditional 40 watt version of these amps that were manufactured from 1964
through 1967 before the “Silverface” era began.

As the Band Master and Showman used the same chassis, our
Band Master example has been upgraded to Showman spec. It is now an 85 Watt
Head. Essentially a Showman with a Blackface Band Master Circuit.

Input Transformer – L022756 – CSA-827 – 606-645 – (1966
Showman Spec)

Choke – 125C1A – 606-3-40 (1966 Showman)

Output Transformer – 022889 E1A 606-649 – A Fender 022889 Schumacher- made output
transformer. 1966 Dual Showman which will drive any quad of 6L6 tubes with a 4
ohm tap.

The amp sounds fantastic, all the depth and
character you’d expect from a Blackface Era Band Master. The cab is
completely stock (more details below) and the cab also sounds magnificent. The amp
handles pedals remarkably well. It’s just gorgeous top to bottom whether you’re
plugged straight in or running through several pedals to create various drives,
delays or modulations.

The head and piggy back cab are sold as a
set. We apologize but we will not sell them as separate components.

We do NOT have the vintage footswitch for the vibrato on/off feature. It will
need to be purchased separately should you want one.

The amp’s serial number is A 03209 –
Stamped at the right rear upper corner of the chassis and pictured above. Using
this serial number we were able to date the amp as a 1964.  

The 12″ Speakers in the enclosure
appear to be “Fender Blue Label” era based on the look of the magnets
and the center spot which the label would surround. They have the “Swiss
Cheese” frame further indicating that they are of that era. The cones
however appear to be a vintage 60’s era JBL as they have the large aluminum
center dome. As the drivers do not appear to be the JBL style of that era it’s
a bit of a mystery. Fender like Marshall was very prone to “using what
we’ve got on hand” in the 1960’s, so subtle variances may occur build to
build. All indicators point to these being vintage speakers and more than
likely the speakers the cab shipped with. Sadly as the labels are missing (see
photos above) it’s very difficult to truly date or verify them beyond the tell
tale clues we’ve listed above.


  • Manufacture: Fender
  • Model: Band Master 
  • Controls: Per Channel Listed Below::  
  • “Normal” High and Low Gain Inputs, Bright Switch, Volume, Treble, Bass
  • “Vibrato” High and Low Gain Inputs, Bright Switch, Volume, Treble, Bass, Speed, Intensity
  • Switch: Standby / Power / Ground lift
  • Channels: 2 – Individual
  • Inputs: High and Low Gain inputs for each channel
  • Outputs: Speaker and External Speaker
  • FX: Vibrato
  • Effect Loop: N/A
  • Foot Switchable Vibrato on and off ( FOOT SWITCH IS NOT INCLUDED WITH THE AMP)
  • Wattage: 85 Watt
  • Preamp Tubes: 3 x ECC83 / 12AX7
  • Phase Inverter Tube: 1 x 12AT7/ ECC81
  • Power Amp Tubes: 4 x JJ 6L6GC 
  • Rectifier: Solid State
  • Speakers: 2 X 12″ “Blue Label” Fender Speakers with “Swiss Cheese Frame” “Aluminum Dome” (possible vintage JBL manufacture). 
  • Cabinet: Closed Back – 4 ohm
  • Technology: Valve
  • Face plate: Fender “Black Face”
  • Color: Black Tolex 
  • Grill: Silver
  • Serial: A 03209
  • Country: USA

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Vintage 1964 Band Master Black Face