Fender Vintage 1974 Super Reverb 45w 4×10″ Silverface w FS – All Stock Iron and Speakers

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Just in at Diablo Guitars is this amazing sounding 1974 Fender Super Reverb 40 watt 4 x 10 Combo Amp..

Clear, crisp and articulate, yet with very playable dynamics and an appealing breakup when distortion sets in, the Silverface sonic template is defined by a slightly scooped (midrange-recessed) voicing, with firm lows and somewhat glassy, sparkling highs.

These characteristics not only make the Super Reverb great for twangy country or jangly West Coast guitar styles but also perfect for stinging blues and driving rock when cranked up, or even warm, rich jazz when reined in and EQ’d for a mellower voice.

The Super Reverb’s detailed soundstage and dynamic, articulate transition from clean into overdrive when played hard has made it a favorite of many blues guitarists throughout the years.

Our 1974 Super Reverb has just been fully serviced. A full recap was necessary. The stock mains were not only failing but leaking. Electrolytics have all been replaced as well for proper functionality – Filter, Bypass and Bias Supply. All octal sockets re-tensioned, pots deoxidized and the over all circuit full scoped for signal and output.

The amp is in perfect working order and sound simply amazing!

– Speakers: Vintage CTS 40 watt Alnico Speakers dated to 1974
– Power Transformer: Vintage 1974- 606432
– Choke: Vintage 1974 – 606422
– Output Transformer: Vintage 1974 – 606425
– Reverb Transformer: Vintage 1974 – 606431
– Serial Number: A 75011

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Vintage 1974 Super Reverb 45w 4×10" Silverface w FS -Freshly Serviced