Fortin Amplification CALI 50 Watt 3-Channel all Tube Head White

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If you were to imagine the sound of an amp named Cali, you might assume smooth cleans, low gain – an all-round relaxing sound. And funnily enough, you’d be right. The Fortin Cali can do the shimmering goodness associated with vintage amps. Then you remember this is Fortin, the guys known for some of the most brutal high-gain guitar tones on the planet.

The boutique Cali gives you 50 watts of pure tube tone, ranging from channel one’s sparkling cleans to two more channels of progressively heavier gain stages. The two EL34 valves produce enough bellowing bass and low mid frequencies to put hairs on your chest. And that’s before you kick in the Violence and Bright switches. This is an easy amp to push into drive on any channel with versatility to match.

Here’s what Fortin say about the Cali:

We are pleased to present our newest weapon of sonic destruction, the CALI! CALI is an all-tube, 50 watt, 3-channel amplifier, that brings you sweet lush cleans to crushing gain brutality. The CALI features a clean channel, and two gain channels that have assignable VIOLENCE 4th gain stage from the FORTIN KILLER KALI ++ that can be added to either overdrive channels for more searing gain.

The CALI is an extremely versatile amplifier, with a nod to vintage British voicing, that also puts forth the blistering modern high-gain tones Fortin are known for delivering. Given the high-demand for the Cali and KK++ mods in the past, we wanted to cover all the best features in a single 3-channel amplifier, making it ideal for live use, smaller/lighter-weight format, and all the best features from all the variations.


  • TRS foot switch compatible
  • Send & Return active Fx Loop
  • Impedance select
  • Dual Bias w/metering jacks
  • 120VAC/240VAC Mains Select switch
  • Custom wound Heyboer Transformers, M6 steel laminations, Triple varnished, Custom fabricated mounting brackets, Self-lead secondary wires
  • Power Amp Tubes: 2x EL34
  • Preamp Tubes: 3x 12AX7
  • Made in the USA
  • Serial:#SR089

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CALI 50 Watt 3-Channel all Tube Head