Friedman BE-100 100watt 2 Channel All Tube Amplifier 2015

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The Friedman BE-100 amp was created after Dave Friedman had amassed years of experience working with mods on his client’s Marshall plexis.

The BE-100 is a true rockstar in its own right: 2 Channels, 100 roaring watts, all powered by an EL34 vacuum tube. Friedman’s architecture under the hood yields a massive, yet tight low end along with extremely detailed chords at any volume. Playing single notes through the amp is also a real joy with the BE-100s punchy and dynamic tone that can really cut through the mix. The Clean Channel is capable of a seriously dramatic clean tone when you want it: dial in your bass and treble and then play around with the three-way bright switch to get the exact sound that you are after.

Use the volume knob on the amp’s front panel for more traditional vintage “Plexi” tones. With the “Fat”, “C45” or “Sat” mods engaged, players can go from lush, in-your-face guitar aggression to singing, sparkling highs that are so pristine that you hardly need any EQ.

Our BE-100 comes to us in excellent condition. The amp has been thoroughly gone through and functions perfectly. Screaming tone for days!!! The power tubes have plenty of life in them. On the bottom side of the box itself the tolex is separating a little right at the seams. It’s actually unnoticeable unless the amp is laid on it’s back. (see photos above)

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BE-100 100watt 2 Channel All Tube Amplifier