Fulltone DP-1 Distortion Pro #4974 Red

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The Distortion Pro is designed to cover that huge gap between Overdrive and out-and-out
Fuzz. The DP-1 delivers these Hi-Gain sounds with a great amount of flexibility in a very
natural, amp-like manner, reacting to your pick attack and cleaning up well when the
guitar’s volume knob is backed off. This flexibility is further enhanced by the inclusion of
some very powerful Tone shaping knobs, all of which are interactive, allowing the user to
create his/her own signature sound.

The DP-1 also works well with wah‘s, Univibe type
pedals, and already distorted amps. Play on.
Volume: This knob determines the output level of the device
Distortion: determines the overall clipping in the early stages of the circuit.

  • Saturation: an integral knob for dialing in the desired amount of “tube” feel, additional clipping,
    and sustain. This is interactive with the Distortion knob.
  • Resonance: This shapes the Bass frequencies. You will notice that there is a center
    detent (reference point) which helps you find your sounds on a dark stage.
  • Voicing: Not a standard Midrange control in that it not only actively varies the overall
    frequencies, (Low-Mid, Mids, Hi-Mid, and Treble) but it also alters the distortion in
    these frequencies. Again, there is a center detent as reference point, although this
    point is not necessarily “neutral” at the 12’Oclock point.
  • Highs: This is used to attenuate or enhance the Treble frequencies. Part of this
    pedal’s magic is the frequency “overlap” between this and the Voicing knob,
    allowing for some unusual signature settings.
  • Battery Hatch: Located at the audience-end of the pedal, simply remove the thumbscrew and
    swing out the door to access your 9 volt battery.
  • 9 volt DC port: standard 2.1mm sized barrel jack accepts all Negative center pin
    9VDC adapters such as Ibanez, Boss, Voodoo Labs Pedal Power, etc.
  • LED “Pilot Light”: tells you when the pedal is “on” and (like all Fulltone pedals) the
    DP-1 has True Bypass switching, something no other major pedalmaker offers!

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DP-1 Distortion Pro #4974