Gibson Vintage 1951 GA-75w 1 x 15″ 25watt Combo Amp – Stock Iron, Speaker Replaced

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The Gibson GA-75W was produced from 1950 to 1955 for a total of 1274 units according to shipping records.  It uses 6L6 power tubes and 6SJ7 and 6SC7 preamp tubes to produce about 25 watts of output through an original Jensen P15N speaker. It’s got nice thick, dark cleans with a light touch but easily drives into breakup. Thick, squishy breakup.

This amp is in excellent condition and sounds fantastic, it’s got a great woody, bark to it when wound up to about noon. The speaker has been replaced. The coding on the voice coil (see photo) indicates mid 1980s to early 1990s. Running the codes didn’t bring back a wealth of information, but we believe it to be Eminence.

The amp has been recapped in order to guarantee perfect functionality.The Iron appears to be stock (see photos above)

Input and Output transformer both date at 1951. 



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Vintage GA-75w 1 x 15" 25watt Combo Amp