Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer with Alchemy True Bypass Mod + Circuit Tweaks – Overdrive Pedal

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From Alchemy:
Notes: In its stock form, the Ibanez Tube Screamer suffers from a dull, thin sound which can be a bit harsh. To remedy this, I add a an original spec JRC4558 opamp chip – just like the originals! I also upgrade many circuit components to add richness, clarity and fidelity to the tone. Want more gain? Our mod achieves that too! The difference between my modified pedal and a stock unit is astounding. Additionally, I add a bright LED and upgraded knobs in your choice of color. Lastly, I install a sturdy 3PDT stomp switch and wire the circuit for true-bypass switching. No more tone loss when the effect is bypassed! It also sounds better when “on” too! Professionally installed by me. Requires 9 volt battery or DC power (battery and power supply not included). I am meticulous in my work. I pay attention to the details – including cleaning / lubricating all jacks and pots, replacing any worn or missing battery straps, grommets and screws and fully testing every function prior to shipment. Still not convinced? I guarantee my work until the end of time! That’s right – if you should ever encounter an issue with the craftsmanship on my modifications or repairs, I will repair or replace free of charge! I don’t strive to be the cheapest. I strive to be the best! My reputation speaks for itself. Bid with confidence!

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TS9 Tube Screamer w/ True Bypass Mod