Ibanez UE 305 Multi Effect Pedal 100% Analog Delay, Chorus and Compressor – 1984 – RARE!

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Ibanez UE 305 Multi Effect Pedal 100% Analog Delay, Chorus and Compressor – 1984 – RARE!

Just in at Diablo Guitars is this unique and rare Ibanez UE 305 Analog multi effects pedal. These were only manufactured in very small numbers in 1984 and 1985 making them difficult gems to find!

Ibanez’s UE 305 is a multi effect for the ages, combining three excellent pedals from Ibanez’s golden age of effects into one large enclosure!

The Ibanez 9 Series pedals are still some of the most sought-after effects around, and the UE 305 gives you three of the best from this series. We start off with the CP-9 Compressor/Limiter, which is a pretty musical comp, with a bit of a mid-boost and a little bit of attitude. A straight transparent compressor it is not, but gives you some grit if you crank the Threshold knob up past 3:00 or so. It’s quiet, though, which is nice, and has great sustain as well. 

Up next is the AD-9 Analog Delay, which is a fantastic echo effect, one that is revered by delay enthusiasts the world over. With simple Delay Time, Delay Level and Repeat controls, there’s not too much to figure out with this one, but a lot of warm and inviting analog echoes waiting to be heard.

Finally, the UE 305 features the CS-9 Stereo Chorus last in the lineup. Width adjusts the depth or amplitude of the LFO wave that controls the delay time of the chorus effect, while Speed controls the rate of the delay time. Simple, no nonsense chorus sounds, the CS-9 fits in perfectly here with the other two effects, bringing that same analog warmth and lushness to its output effect tone. 

Each of these effects are bypassable with their own individual footswitches, or you can combine them in any configuration you choose. A Master switch bypasses the entire unit all at once, so you don’t have to waste time shutting off each section one by one.

Manufactured in small numbers during 1984-85, the UE 305 has become a rare pedal in vintage collector’s collections. The UE 305 also features an Effects Loop to add in more fun toys, as well as THREE (yes, 3) Output jacks, to send the signals wherever you want them to go. Super-fun, pretty nostalgic and still sounding great, this monster pedal from Ibanez gives you the best analog of an effects era, all wrapped up in one neat, tidy package.

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UE 305 Multi Effect Pedal 100% Analog Delay, Chorus and Compressor