Marshall 1974X Handwired 1 x 12″ 18watt Combo Amp and Matching Marshall CX 1 x 12″ Extension Cab

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Just in at Diablo Guitars is this Marshall 1974X Handwired 1 x 12″ 18 watt Combo Amp and matching Marshall CX extension cab. 

Our Marshall comes to us in excellent condition and sounds amazing! To really get this amp and extension cab talking you’ll want to wind it up a bit! Luckily it’s 18 watt output power allows for killer cranked Marshall tones at a reasonable volume level! Ships with original footswitch.

Marshall Handwired 1974X at a Glance:

  • The 1974X 1 x 12″ combo amp: an authentic re-issue
  • Aged Greenback T1221 speakers
  • Original components live up to point-to-point perfection

The 1974X 1 x 12″ combo amp: an authentic reissue
The 1974X is an authentic reissue of the fabled model 1974 combo of the late sixties (1966-1968). Just like the original, it boasts a point-to-point, handwired, tagboard circuit housed in an aluminum chassis, plus a valve-driven tremolo circuit. At the very heart of its simple yet effective 2-channel design can be found six valves: two ECC83s in V1 and V2, a 12AT7 in V3 (Phase Inverter) an EZ81 rectifier, and a pair of cathode biased EL84s in the power stage. As the output and mains transformers are vital components in any amplifier as they influence performance, sound, and feel, Marshall worked extremely closely with their associates at Dagnall in order to duplicate the original, off-the-shelf transformers in all areas.

Aged Greenback T1221 speakers
A contributing sonic factor in the original 1974 is the way the sound of the Celestion Greenback speaker softens with age. For the 1974X, Celestion revisited the recipe for the original Greenback T1221 speaker, and aged it. The result is a new speaker proprietary to Marshall.

Original components live up to point-to-point perfection
This new series was created to meet growing public demand and to pay homage to models that, for many players, represent the ultimate in organic, all-valve guitar tone. The primary objective was to achieve maximum authenticity in terms of components, circuitry, construction methods, materials, specifications, aesthetics, signal path, performance, tonal characteristics, and feel. All of the original components and materials were used or reproduced, and the original methods of construction employed in the late 1960s were revisited. All transformers – output and power – have been meticulously re-created by Dagnall Electronics, and each amplifier’s handwired tag-board lives up to the idea of point-to-point perfection.

Marshall Handwired 1974X Features:

  • 18-watt, 16-ohm, mono 1 x 12″ combo amp
  • Exclusive, aged reissue of the original 20-watt, ceramic magnet, Celestion Greenback T1221 12″ speaker
  • Replica of the grey and white striped Bluesbreaker grille cloth used on the originals
  • High-grade baltic birch cabinet with finger-locked joints

Marshall CX 1 x 12″ Extension Cab

This beautifully hand-soldered 20W extension cabinet pairs perfectly with the handwired 1974X combo. It features a single 12” Celestion G12M-20 Greenback speaker, specially aged to flawlessly capture that vintage 60’s vibe. With its old-school fret and classic piping, you’ll look and feel like you’re playing an original 1974 combo.

The amp and extension cab are in fantastic shape but there are some scuffs on the tolex visible in the photos above. 

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1974X Handwired 1 x 12" 18watt Combo Amp