Marshall 30th Anniversary Series 6100LM – 100 watt 3 Channel Head

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In 1992 Marshall stepped up to try and provide “The Ultimate Marshall”. This year saw the 30th Anniversary Head in blue, and the now highly coveted 6100LM in traditional black and gold.

This amp is in perfect working order. There are some minor nicks in the tolex and some signs of general wear. The back panel is missing (common on Marshalls). The footswitch is not included. The tubes have plenty of life left in them.

This 3 channel, 100 watt amplifier allows for a dramatic array of tone shaping via high and low compensation switched (to tailor the needs of various pickup types)

The Clean channel provides an individual volume, gain, and mid, bass, treble layout but also has a bright switch as well as a selectable mid shaping switch

The Crunch channel provides the same layout but also has a mode A-B and mode B-C switch. A is a low gain circuit similar to a JTM45. B is cruncher with the feel of a 1959 circuit or early master volume Marshalls. C provides a cruncher still saturation more similar to the JCM900 model amps.

Finally you get the Lead channel. This channel again features the same knob layout as the previous two. Marshall has also provided a gain boost option as well as a contour option for even deeper tone sculping.

The amp is footswitchable (not included) or can also be controlled via a midi controller. All of your tonal options can be saved / stored for fast easy and guess free access.

Marshall then provides a global Master volume as well as a global Presence control and an Effects blend knob which allows you to fine tune items added to the amps effects loop. A low volume compensation switch has also been provided so that you can emulate the warmth and body usually only attained at higher volume levels.

The rear panel of the amp allows for even more control!

  • Balanced and compensated XLR output
  • Compensated Output Control
  • Uncompensated Line Out
  • Uncompensated Link Selection Switch
  • Line Input
  • Effects Send Trim Channel 1
  • Effects Send Trim Channel 2
  • Series / Parallel FX Loop Selection
  • Loop Leveler Switch
  • Dampening Selector
  • High / Low level Power Selection
  • Pentode / Triode Operation Selector (half rated vrs full rated power effecting the amps “smoothness”

Serial Number: 960253537

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30th Anniversary Series 6100LM – 100 watt 3 Channel Head