Marshall JCM Slash Signature Model Head 2555SL 100w 2 Channel Head w FX Loop 1996 – Only 3000 Made

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The 2555 Slash Signature head is in essence an exact reissue of the beloved Marshall Jubilees. Built in 1996, only 3000 pieces were made. These amps are also unique in that they are the first signature Marshall model ever.

Our Slash signature comes to us in excellent condition. There are some minor scuffs on the tolex. The amp was a home piece almost never gigged! The amp has been fully gone through and functions flawlessly. The tubes have plenty of life left! ~ DOES NOT include single button footswitch.

…the deeper dive.

The Marshall Slash JCM 2555sl is designed to the specs of Slash’s original 1987 Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 amplifier. These amps can be switched to “half” power by switching between Pentode and Triode modes. These amps were instantly hailed as a classic by guitarists the world over and for good reason: it successfully married the legendary roar of the 800 Series power-stage with a highly versatile preamp that boasted a foot switchable ‘Lead Master’ control – effectively making the 2555 a two channel head.

By beefing up the preamp’s gain when activated, this neat feature enables the user to instantly switch between rhythm and lead tones with a mere tap of the foot. The amp’s versatility is further enhanced by a Series Effect Loop and a push/pull function on the Input Gain control which, when pulled out, injects a subtle but effective distorted edge to the amp’s rhythm tone.

A High Output (100 Watts)/Low Power (50 Watts) switch adds even further to the flexibility and already wide tonal palette. Model : 2555SL Slash Signature Power : 100 Watts switchable to 50 using the High Power / Low Power switch Channels : 2 (Rhythm & Lead) with gain boost control on rhythm channel EQ : Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence Valves : 4x EL34 3x ECC83 FX Loop : Send & Return (Series) Here is a review found online : The all-tube, 100-watt head boasts a quartet of Russian EL34’s in its power section and a trio of ECC83’s driving its two-channel preamp.

There’s also a handy, front-panel-mounted half-power switch that allows you to drop the amp down to a more manageable 50-watt triode mode perfect for smaller venues. Slash admits that even he runs his amps on half-power much of the time. “If you have a singer who’s sensitive to loud backlines like Axl is, having a half-power switch is a godsend. It’s the only I way I can get the power tubes to work as hard as I need them to.”

For a footswitchable two-channel head, the amp’s controls are as simple as could be: Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Output Master (which doubles as a push/pull channel selector), Lead Master and Input Gain, a push/pull pot that also engages the rhythm channel’s Rhythm Clip function.

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JCM Slash Signature Model Head 2555SL 100w 2 Channel Head w FX Loop