Marshall JCM1C 50th Anniversary Limited Edition 2012 all tube 1w / .01w Combo

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Take your guitar on a trip back to the ’80s, with Marshall’s JCM-1C all-tube combo amplifier! Commemorating 50 years of Marshall amplification, the JCM-1C is a single channel, 1W/.01W combo with a custom voice Celestion 10″ speaker. Its voicing sounds like a vintage Marshall from the ’80s, and its era-correct cosmetics look the part too. And for period-correct sound, two ECC83 preamp tubes and a ECC82 power tube are ready to rock. As part of the series of 50th anniversary amps that Marshall will release throughout 2012, we’re sure the JCM-1C combo amplifier will be an instant classic!

Marshall JCM-1C Combo Amplifier at a Glance:

  • Switchable between 1W /.01W
  • Classic ’80s vibe
  • Instantly collectible

Switchable between 1W /.01W

Marshall’s JCM-1C proves that low-wattage amps can be a force to reckon with. Just one watt powers all the classic rock tone you can handle, and you can even use the Low Power switch to drop the wattage to just .01W, for cranked-amp sounds at civilized volume levels.

Classic ’80s vibe

The Marshall JCM-1C sounds like a forgotten treasure from the ’80s, thanks to its specially voiced all-tube signal path and custom speaker. The sound is open and dynamic, with plenty of bite – just like a vintage Marshall JMP amplifier. But it also looks period-accurate too, with an old-school “block” Marshall logo and other subtle touches that are sure to turn heads.

Instantly collectible

To celebrate 50 years of Marshall amplification, Marshall will release amps that reflect each decade throughout 2012. The ’80s-voiced JCM-1C is sure to be an instant collector’s item. From the vintage styling to the 50th Anniversary plaque on the rear panel, the JCM-1C is certain to be a guitar amp that you’ll cherish.

Marshall JCM-1C Combo Amplifier Features:

  • 50th anniversary commemorative combo amplifier, voiced to sound like a classic ’80s Marshall
  • All-tube design for premium tone
  • Volume and Tone controls, all you need for classic ’80s guitar sounds
  • Switchable between 1W/.01W operation – .01W lets you crank the amp at lower volume levels
  • 8-ohm/16-ohm speaker output for adding an extension cabinet
  • Era-correct cosmetics for a classic and collectible look
  • 50th Anniversary commemorative plaque on rear panel
  • Voiced to sound like a ’80s Marshall JCM amp

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JCM1C 50th Anniversary Limited Edition