Marshall Vintage 1969 – 1974 – 200 Watt Marshall Major Loaded w Fresh Tung Sol KT-120 Power Tubes

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Marshall Vintage 1969 – 1974 – 200 Watt Marshall Major Loaded w Fresh Tung Sol KT-120 Power Tubes

From an era when your stack was the front of house PA comes the 200 watt Marshall Major. These amps we’re discontinued in 1974 when the supply of KT88 Power tubes ran short. 

Made famous by players like Richie Blackmore the Marshall Major is a powerhouse amp. An amazing clean platform for pedals or pure joy through an attenuator to get that cranked Marshall cream and crunch!

Our Major comes to us in very good condition. The amp had seen some mods at some point as indicated by the holes in the chassis. These have all been plugged and the amp has been returned to stock. The output transformer has been replaced with a high end Mercury Tone Clone MMAJ-OA Transformer. 

The amp has been freshly serviced and biased in at 41DCV (medium) ensuring solid tube life from the fresh Tung Sol KT120s.

At some point the serial number was removed from the chassis making the amp impossible to accurately date. The aluminum panels indicate 1969 at the earliest. These amps we discontinued in 1974, so the amp can be safely dated into this range.  



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Vintage 1969 – 1974 200 Watt Marshall Major Loaded with Fresh Tung Sol Power Tubes