Marshall Vintage 1978 JMP Lead Mk2 / 2203 100w – Full Stack – CLEAN – Celestion Rola Black Backs

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Just in at Diablo Guitars is this CLEAN example of a 1978 Marshall Full Stack. 1978 100w JMP / 2203 Head with matching 1978 Marshall 4 x 12″ cabs in a salt and pepper / checkerboard grill cloth and still loaded with the stock Celestion Rola Black Back 12″ Speakers both top and bottom. The rig that defined generations…

The Head has been thoroughly gone through and documented in the photos above. The stock impedance and voltage cap style switchers are still with the amp (rare) and fit snuggly and perfectly. At one time one of the speaker outs had been designated as a line out. We have removed the line out and returned the amp to stock. All original Iron, Stock LCR Caps dated to 1975. The amp box itself is even in remarkably clean condition with only a few small nicks in the tolex. The stock hard wired AC Cord has been updated professionally to a more practical and user friendly IEC terminal. It’s loaded with the EL34s it came into us with, and has been freshly biased in at about 33DCV (cool / low medium range). It sounds fantastic and should have plenty of life left in the tubes. 

The cabs are loaded with the stock Celestion Rola era Black Back 12″ Speakers (T3120 EM23 and EM31) and are also in remarkably clean shape given their age. The top cab has a few nicks in the tolex and signs of loading wear and tear on the back. The bottom cab is in the same shape with a one more dramatic tear in the tolex on the back. 

A monster rig that oozes Marshall tone and vibe. It’s rare to find a complete matching set up. Here it is in all it’s original glory just as the day it was purchased. 

Head Serial Number: 00604K
1960 Lead Cab SN: 5737
1960B Lead Cab SN: 3679

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Vintage 1978 JMP Lead Mk2 / 2203 Full Stack