Marshall Vintage 1997 JCM 900 / 4100 100w Head Fresh 6L6GC Loaded (and biased) 2ch, Reverb, FX Loop

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Marshall Vintage 1997 JCM 900 / 4100 100w Head with Reverb, FX Loop, DI out and 2 Button Footswitch with FRESH JJ 6L6GC tubes biased into a cool / medium range for long life. These highly versatile amps are set up with 2 channels (A/B) for an incredible amount of control, onboard reverb, FX loop and direct outputs.

The 6L6GC over the stock 5881 offers this amp a little more clean headroom. This is most notable on the B channel with the gain dimed. You get a rich warm classic rock and roll feeling distortion with lots of fantastic nuance and harmonics. The A Channel still has gain for days allowing you to effortlessly dip into the realm of heaver rock and metal.

Our 900 comes to us in very good condition. This Marshall is missing it’s back panel (very common) and the large Marshall logo on the front has been removed. The amp has been fully serviced, examined and biased by our tech and functions perfectly.

Ships with 1 Button Foot Switch for Channel A/B switching.

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As one of the few independent vendors willing to ship new and vintage amplifiers, we must take the following precautions. As our listings show, each amplifier is carefully detailed and inspected, especially vintage amplifiers which are photographed thoroughly to provide a safe and well documented buying experience.

–       ­If an amplifier is received by the purchaser with “broken glass”, meaning a tube is shattered, Diablo Guitars will work with you to get replacement tubes.

–       The amp is sold as pictured in the photographs included in the listing. If a back panel, footswitch, cover etc is not pictured, they are not included in the sale.

–       Once purchased if you, as the purchaser, feel there is an issue with the amplifier these are two courses of action that can be taken:

1)   You can pay for return shipping of the amplifier and receive a FULL REFUND for your purchase.

2)   You can keep the amplifier.

–       Any service or repair costs you decide to incur are your responsibility, Diablo Guitars cannot under any circumstances offer partial credits or partial refund to cover the cost of repairs we cannot verify were necessary.

Diablo Guitars takes all possible steps prior to your purchase to verify and document that amplifier which is for sale is in excellent working order. By purchasing the amplifier in question, you agree fully to the terms listed above.

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Vintage 1997 JCM 900 / 4100 100w Head Fresh 6L6GC Loaded (and biased) 2ch, Reverb, FX Loop