Moog Vintage 1970s MKPE Analog 3 Band Parametric EQ

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These Moog EQs are incredible sounding! Use in studio or even in front of a guitar or bass rig.

The three bands have plenty of overlap – they span 31-400, 62-8000, and 125-16000 Hz – so it’s easy to nail problem frequencies, or boost them to the tone desired. Maximum boost & cut are 20 dB giving great scope for EQ changes – and for overloading.

The Moog Parametric has an unusual Drive circuit which sets the gain structure of the unit. Gain sets the overall output level, but Drive sets the level in the EQ section. Drive reduces the input level while increasing the output, giving no change in overall gain.

In use the Moog is a clever parametric EQ with perfect control, feel, and bands that can be varied from super-narrow to very broad. Minimum Q (widest bandwidth) is marked as 4 octaves and narrowest is 0.25 or 1/4 octave. At wider bandwidths it’s a smooth, articulate equalizer with no vices. It lives up to its reputation as a great bass equalizer – it’s particularly good at low frequencies, giving real control over bass synths, or the weight of a drum kit

The Moog Parametric is not a bland, subtle device like most modern equalizers, but more of a tool for making radical changes. There’s plenty of boost & cut available. Each band can make huge, broad changes and you never find yourself wanting more bands.

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Vintage MKPE Analog 3 Band Parametric EQ