Orange Vintage 1974 – OR120 – 120 Watt Amplifier Head

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This Orange OR120 is in excellent working order and sounds fantastic!!! It’s all stock and has been gone through to guarantee perfect functionality. The tubes have plenty of life left in them!

Orange offered models with master-volume controls, labeled OD120 and Overdrive, but those without them, like this OR120, were certainly loud by the time they gave up the grind. This model produces 120 watts from four EL34 tubes, with a lot of sonic bite going into it from the characterful preamp circuit.

These amps did induce some early breakup in the output stage even short of full whack, thanks to the use of a split-load (a.k.a. cathodyne) phase inverter, preceded by a driver stage. Not often used in amps of this size, it’s a topology that largely went out of fashion in all but sub-20-watt amps after the archetypal designs of the ’50s by Fender, Gibson, Valco and the like.

When pushed hard, this stage adds a little more hair to the overall tone, thanks to its own distortion, contributing to that legendary “Orange haze.” Crank it up, and it’s Brit-rock incarnate, and a trouser-leg-flapping playing experience you won’t soon forget.

Essential Ingredients

  • Four EL34 output tubes generating around 120 watts
  • Two 12AX7 (ECC83) preamp and phase-inverter tubes
  • Unusual F.A.C. (frequency) and HF Drive (presence) controls
  • “Echo” (FX Loop) Send and Return
  • Slave Output on the rear of the amp
  • Hi Gain and Low Gain inputs
  • Split-load phase inverter
  • Serial Number: 4850


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Vintage 1974 OR120 120 Watt Amplifier