Sola Sound Tone-Bender Fuzz MK IV Green D*A*M – Big Muff Pi Clone Fuzz Pedal

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From Stompboxes co uk:
Needless to say this point was going to come. Been making these Sola Sound Tone Benders for a good wee while now so only a matter of time before we get acquainted with the more technologically advanced of the family. The origins. Tone Bender MKIII, Tone Bender MKIV. Same party different frock. Aside from the obvious differences in the enclosure type of these pedals any true solid definition of which is what in regards to circuit type is and will always be a little bit of an ambiguous subject. The way I always made sense of it in my head was in regards to the biasing. The early MKIII’s were choppy, heavy, clumsy, a fuzzy lump hammer. The later MKIV’s were smooth, dynamic, articulate, a distorted boxing glove. In between, you have a foggy transitional period. Even with the those definitions in place it never always runs true.

This here is a Tone Bender MKIV, because it says so on the tin.

The layout and construction style is basically lifted right outta the past. It ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The replica circuit boards are courtesy of the magical mind of Mr. Castledine. Modern materials but with the old school layout. The familiar use of quality components along with the addition of UK manufactured high tolerance metal film resistors, these just add a subtle tuck and lift and make things a little easier for me in the transistor selection stage. As previously mentioned, we are using the old school New Market OC84N’s in these. A superb quality British made component that seems to be made just for the job. Just the right amounts of everything to make a killer fuzz box.

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Sola Sound Tone Bender MK IV