Soldano SLO-100 Full Stack – Point to Point All Original Seattle Build – 2007 – Stock Eminence Soldano X-12000 Speakers – Deyoung Transformers

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Hand built by the man himself; Mike Soldano, in his Seattle workshop in 2007. This full stack is in excellent condition and functions flawlessly!! These are the early cabs as well, loaded with Eminence 12″ X-12000 speakers, which were developed specifically for Mike’s builds!

This amp also features the original Deyoung transformers which can no longer be made! (the actual machine used to make these no longer exists)

The Soldano Super Lead Overdrive isn’t just another high-gain tube amplifier head — it’s so much more than that. This awe-inspiring fire-breather’s cascading-gain preamp design delivers a thick, juicy sizzle that lends itself to everything from whiskey-soaked electric blues to red-hot jazz fusion to tooth-rattling metal. And then there’s the SLO-100’s dynamic sensitivity, which hangs right in there with the best of its boutique-voiced brethren. This 100-watt, 2-channel amp head includes simple, yet eminently effective tone-shaping, along with independent preamp gain and master volume controls for achieving harmonically saturated tones at manageable levels. You also get a tube-buffered effects loop for your pedals, while a variable slave output enables effortless DI-ing. Beyond that, a rotary impedance selector allows you to pair the SLO-100 with a myriad of speaker cabinets. Soldano’s Super Lead Overdrive is built from top-shelf, military-grade components for the ultimate in durability. Countless world-class guitarists swear by this modern classic.

If you want to get the most out of your guitar amplifier, you need a top-quality cab, such as the Soldano 4×12 Straight Speaker Cabinet. This 240-watt, sealed-back cab is built from ultra-rugged thin-ply Russian birch plywood and boasts solid single-piece construction for the utmost in durability.

These earlier versions were loaded with Eminence X-1200 12″ speakers specidfically built and voiced for Mike Soldano’s amplifiers!!! This cabinet exhibits hot-rodded hard rock tone with complex overtones, warm lows, vocal-like mids, and detailed highs. The Soldano 4×12 Straight Speaker Cabinet employs solid internal bracing for maximum rigidity — a must for tight low-end frequencies. This top-shelf 4×12” cabinet features all-steel side handles and jack plates.

Serial Number: 071906

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