Supro Vintage 1965 Thunderbolt – S6420 – 15″ 35watt Combo Amp with RCA Glass and Jensen C15P

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Just in at Diablo Guitars is this 1965 Supro Thunderbolt S6420 15″ 35watt Combo Amp!

S6420 Thunderbolt—Two knobs and the TRUTH! Renowned for its bold, full-range sound and up-front, honest midrange, the Thunderbolt covers a remarkable spectrum of vintage tone while wringing every ounce of personality from whatever guitar is plugged in. From clean jazz to Tele twang, soapbar blues to humbucker grind, the Thunderbolt dishes out 35 Watts of “Class A” tube tone from its vintage Supro dual 6L6 power plant. A 5U4 rectifier tube is employed to deliver that unmistakable high-powered vintage sag. Normal and Extra-hot input options, combined with a wide range of available gain on tap, allow you to fine-tune the texture and response of this amp’s massive sound. Turned all the way up, the Thunderbolt exhibits nearly zero self-noise; yet it puts out enough volume to be easily heard on large venue and theater stages, with overdrive completely controlled by the guitar’s volume knob.

Our Thunderbolt comes to us in excellent condition. It was recently serviced at Solderhaus Vintage Tube Repair where the following items were expertly replaced: Power Supply Electrolytic Capacitors, Bypass Electrolytic Capacitors. The Vintage Jensen C15P speaker has been carefully restored an is 100% pure vintage spec. All pots and sockets have been carefully cleaned to ensure 100% perfect functionality. The amp has all vintage RCA glass in it – 2 x RCA 12AX7 – 2 X RCA 6L6GC – and one Dumont 5U4 Rectifier Tube. (All pictured above) 


  • All-tube Supro circuit
  • Normal and Hot inputs
  • 2x 12AX7 RCA
  • 2x 6L6WGC RCA
  • 1x 5U4 Dumont 
  • 1×15 Jensen C15P Speaker
  • 23 5/8” x 19” x 10 1/2”
  • 45 lbs
  • Serial Number: G37451 
  • Blue Rhino Hide
  • Assembled in USA

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Vintage 1965 Supro Thunderbolt