Tone King Imperial MkII 20W Tube Guitar Amp Head Turquoise and Matching 1 x 12″ cab 2022

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This Tone King Imperial Head and Matching 1 x 12″ extension cab come to us in excellent if not mint condition! Both are in perfect working order.

For nearly two decades, Tone King’s Imperial combo has been hailed as one of the best-sounding American-voiced amps on the market. The MkII version, released a few years back, solidified its legacy status. All of the spanky blackface-style voice, gritty tweed tones and intuitive controls that players love about the Imperial MKII combo, are now available in a convenient head version.

The Imperial MKII Head retains the combo‚Äôs vintage-voiced tube reverb and tremolo. You still get all of these tube-driven tones at any volume, thanks to an onboard Ironman II reactive power attenuator. With the ability to easily mix and match your favorite speakers and cabinets, this head is Tone King’s most versatile Imperial ever. If you love the sound and feel of the Imperial MKII, but demand the sonic flexibility that only comes with a top-tier, all-tube amp head, this is the Tone King for you.

The matching 1 x 12 extension cab comes loaded with a Celestion 1660 speaker which are built specifically for tone king amps. Matched with the head, these two come together to form a tonal spectrum that cannot be denied.

Imperial MkII 20W Tube Guitar Amp Head Specifications:

  • Power: 20W (tube)
  • Tubes: four 12AX7 (preamp) two 6V6 (power amp), one 12AT7, one 5AR4
  • Two channels: Blackface-style rhythm channel and tweed-like lead channel
  • Foot-switchable channels and bias modulation tremolo
  • Tube-driven reverb
  • Onboard Ironman II reactive attenuator for great tone at any volume
  • Reactive load technology maintains the feel and response of your guitar amplifier
  • Tunable Attenuator with HF Compensation and Rhythm channel Bypass switches
  • Baltic Birch USA construction
  • Dimensions: 9″ x 22.5″ x 10.5″
  • Weight: 25 lb.
  • Serial Number: 8252206009

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Tone King Imperial MkII 20W Tube Guitar Amp Head Turquoise and Matching 1 x 12" cab