Vox AC30CC2 Custom Classic Series 30 Watt 2 x 12 Combo Amp 2004 Black w 2 Button Footswitch

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The Vox Custom Classic AC30CC2 30W 2×12 Combo delivers the classic chime and jangle of a staple British tube amp with boutique-quality appointments designed for premium tone. Blend the Normal and Top Boost channels to your liking and cycle through a fleet of tweakable features from onboard spring reverb to custom EQ switches to a switchable cathode bias, all pumped through a pair of Wharfdale GSH12-30 12″ speakers.

Our AC30 Comes to us in fair condition, you can tell this is an amp that’s seen some love. The photos above illustrate the amps condition. It sounds amazing and functions perfectly. Includes 2 button foot switch.

  • 30-watt, 2 x 12″ combo guitar amplifier
  • 2 channels with independent volume controls – normal and top boost
  • Reverb and tremolo effects onboard (controllable via footswitch)
  • Master volume section with tone cut and volume controls
  • True bypass effects loop for bringing in your own pedals
  • Switchable 8-/16-ohm output jack for external speakers (mutes internal speakers)
  • 16-ohm output jack for running a cabinet along with the internal speakers
  • Features 2 x 12″ 8-ohm Wharfdale GSH12-30 Speakers
  • Uses 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes and 4 x EL84 power tubes

Serial Number : C2AC0053

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AC30CC2 Custom Classic Series 30 Watt 2 x 12 Combo Amp