Vox Vintage 1974 AC30 Top Boost 40 watt Combo Amp with Hardwired Vibe/Trem Footswitch

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Just in at Diablo Guitars is this glorious Vox AC30 Top Boost…

The epitome of British rock and roll tones most famously used by Brian May of Queen. These amps have a real magic to them when you wind them up! There is nothing quite like the tone of a VOX! 

Our VOX AC30 Top Boost comes to us in excellent condition considering it’s age. The amp has been serviced and a few of the electrolytic components have been updated to guarantee perfect functionality. Additionally the standard 3 position rotary switch for Vibe/Trem speed has been upgraded to a 4 way allowing for even more lush point to point tones and speeds via that channel. It also has a latch footswitch installed so that the effect can be toggled off or on without switching inputs!

This British beauty has it all, bright crisp tones clean and real chime, or the legendary bark and growl! 

This amplifier has had one of the stock speakers re-coned at Fly By Night music and they did an amazing job. beyond this and the previously mentioned items the amp is 100% stock. The amp is just a joy to play through!!!

Technical Details:

  • Modell: Vox AC 30/6 Top Boost
  • Power: 40 Watt
  • Serial Number: 3336
  • Original Transformers,
  • Speaker: 2x 12″/8-Ohm Rola Celestion G12H / 30 Watt
  • Handwired
  • Tubes: 5x ECC83, 1x ECC82, 4x EL84
  • 3x Channels: Brilliant, Normal, Vib-Trem.

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Vintage AC30 Top Boost 30 watt Combo Amp