Zoom G1J John 5 Signature Edition Pedal – Hand Signed / Autographed by John 5

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The ZOOM G1J John 5 Signature Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal combines high-resolution signal processing with an extensive collection of amp models and effects in a compact square floor unit. The GIJ is based on the GI with 40 presets created by John 5 himself.

A total of 21 amps and stomp boxes, and 54 effects (eight at one time) combine to give you options from clean to dirty, from Fender tweed to Marshall high-gain, and almost anything in between. There’s even an acoustic simulator. And all of this is passing through a 24-bit/96 kHz signal path with 32-bit signal processing. ZOOM’s own noise-reduction circuit keeps the unit whisper-quiet when you’re not playing.

The small size of the G1J does not extend to its features. The 40 installed presets were created by John 5, are matched by 40 empty storage locations for your own sounds. Both a chromatic tuner and a drum machine with 40 tempo-variable presets are built in. An input jack lets you plug in a pedal to switch banks or input a tempo by tapping. The AC adapter is included. And all of this comes in a stomp box small enough to fit in your gig bag’s outer pocket.

  • High-Resolution Sound

The combination of 24-bit/96 kHz sampling, 32-bit DSP (digital signal processing), a SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) of 110dB, and a noise floor of -98dBm create an electronic environment in which every last bit of the original signal is faithfully captured. Nothing’s added or left out.

  • 21 Classic Amp Models

The amp models featured on the G1J range from a pair of Fender tweed sounds to a Marshall stack, and also feature some distinct, historic sounds such as a VOX AC-30 (Brian May, anyone?) and a couple of Mesa Boogies for a super-saturated Santana-esque sound. Drive gain is variable on all models.

  • 54 Effects to Choose From

All the usual suspects are here, from chorus, flanger, and a choice of reverbs to compression, EQ, and distortion. There are quite a few surprises, however, like an intelligent pitch shifter, tape echo and ping-pong delay, and slow attack for a violin-like sound.

  • 40 John 5 Presets Installed

Forty tones created by John 5 are installed in the G1J, and there are 40 more storage locations for your own creations.

  • Integrated Drum Machine

The 40 preset drum patterns included range from pop and rock to jazz and latin polyrhythms, from upbeat dance beats to slow ballads.

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G1J John 5 Signature Edition Pedal – Hand Signed by John 5